Onward & upward

The year is coming to a close. I can’t feel anything except grateful for all the good things in my life and career at this point. I’m looking forward to trying new things and giving my readers new books to read. Wishing my readers all the best and everything fabulous life has to offer.

Now is the time to catch up on the Time Walkers series, available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and pretty much everywhere books are sold. (* Kindle Worlds books are Amazon exclusive)

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 Upcoming books for 2016:


Ghost Dance (Time Dance #1)
Projected Release Date: January 2016
Word Count: 90 K+

Category: Romance/Time Travel/Historical Fantasy

Daniel is the orphaned son of a Powhatan warrior, born in seventeenth century Jamestown. When he is gouged by a boar on a hunt and left for dead, he wakes in the care of a young woman named Emmy. As she nurses him back to health, he soon realizes that she is from another time — and that she is the Time Walker his tribe has been searching for.

Will he do his duty and turn her over to his elders? Or will he risk everything to save her from her fate?



Dreams of the Wicked (First Legion Book 1)
Projected Release Date: To Be Determined (tentative for March 2016)
Word Count: 150 K+
Category: Epic fantasy/Romance

From every legend grows a seed of truth.

Citizens of the First Legion are content to be regarded as legends and fairy tales. They have lived among humans for centuries without notice, but when the origin of their existence is threatened, they form a treaty and vow to fight back.

Five humans are destined to be responsible for the downfall of the First Legion. Elin is one of those humans. Kane is assigned to track her down through time to end her existence, no matter what the cost.

Kane’s mission takes him to 1777 New Jersey, where American patriots are fighting the Revolutionary War. When he finds Elin at the end of a noose, he makes a hasty decision to save her from her captors. As they go on the run together, he realizes she has no idea of who she is or what she might become, and his vow to kill her is one he no longer knows how to honor. Yet betraying the First Legion comes with a price – one that both Elin and Kane must be prepared to pay.



Wide Open
Projected Release Date: To Be Determined (tentative for March/April 2015) 
Category: Thriller

Kate is the loyal wife who stood by Cameron’s side as he dedicated his life to his political career. They had the picture-perfect marriage, but when a missing woman is linked to Cameron and two other dead bodies show up, their idyllic fairy tale comes to a screeching halt.  Cameron claims his tie to the missing woman is strictly professional. Kate stands by her man despite the gossip and accusations from every angle, but soon she discovers a slew of lies, deleted text messages, and cover-ups. Nothing is what it seems, and Kate knows she is close to uncovering the truth – but is it a truth she really wants to face?



Jack Made Me Do It

KS was a tad disappointing, but certainly not the end of the road. My readers shouted loud & clear that they want to read this book, and I am listening. Yes, Jack WILL be available soon!

Release Date: TBA  **for updates on when Jack Made Me Do It and other E.B. Brown books will be released, sign up for my VIP list HERE**

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading!




Ten annoying things successful people do before breakfast

Love this great post!

Idle blogs of an idle fellow

Did anyone see the recent article outlining 10 things successful people do before breakfast? You can probably guess it wasn’t sleep like normal people. It was the sort of thing that exposes your own grappling with the morning gloom, having overslept again, as less than satisfactory. As if you needed reminding.

The main thrust was ‘do you aspire to have the pizzazz (whatever that is) of Heidi Klum? The inventive streak of Martha Stewart? The $US3.1 billion net worth of Starbucks head honcho Howard Schultz?’ Well, it turns out that waking up a few hours earlier could be the secret. To be honest I’d rather have another hour’s sleep, but that isn’t what thrusted the western world from darkness into the industrial age.

The thing is, it’s about the pursuit of wealth, and pizzazz of course. But what’s wealth if it can’t buy an extra hour in bed? Everyone is obsessed with money…

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