You’ve been nominated for a prestigious award!

If you are one of thousands of authors who was “nominated” for this award unfortunate spam campaign sent out on Christmas Day by New York Literary Magazine, shoot over & read the report here on Writer Beware.  (I’m still wondering how they obtained my private email address, but I’m guessing we’ll never get a straight answer to that question.)

And no, the NYLM is not endorsed by the New York Times or Writer’s Digest, despite the misleading quotes they’ve included in this email or have splattered creatively all over their website.

PS – Happy Holidays 😉

Love, E.B. Brown, Best Story Award 2017 Nominee

** edited to add link to an excellent blog post with updated detail by Foz Meadows HERE.   I’m proud to be part of the indie author community. This community is strong because authors ask hard questions, they are knowledgeable about how the industry works, and they freely share information to prevent other authors from being taken advantage of. #proudindieauthor